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November 7, 2016

5 Steps to Optimize your Restaurant Web Presence in Google

Reservation Genie released a new website that promotes restaurant off peak hours called the Diamond Tables Club. The new site targets customers who want to splurge with marketing messages like “Save Big & Indulge” and “Order that extra bottle and app”. Customers receive a 25% off the check incentive that scales to the full bill and helps them save more by spending more. There’s currently no fee to restaurants who can try the system risk free with a 90 day free trial.

How it Works
Adding your restaurant to Diamond Tables is super easy and takes about 5 minutes. All you have to do is fill out a form that includes your restaurant name, website address, contact info, and days and times times you wish to promote. You include your manager’s mobile numbers and the restaurant email address to help track the bookings. Reservation Genie team will configure your account and you’ll receive an email and text message every time you get a diamond table booking. From there, the Diamond Tables site will feature you in search results based on the days and times you’ve checked. When customers book, you’ll receive an email and an SMS with a link to reservation details notifying you that you have a new diamond table booking. Reservations also show up with a diamond icon beside them in your reservations screen. Customers also receive an email and an SMS with a link to show the Diamond Table booking to their server. You can view both of those below.

Why Featuring Some Times Every Day is Important
The Diamond Tables site starts with a search. Customers enter a date and party size and the search results showcase restaurants and the times they offer that day. If you don’t feature times that day, you don’t show up in search results. The more times you offer, the higher up in search results you’re listed. The site also uses a randomized email marketing strategy that showcases a particular restaurant every day. If your restaurant doesn’t feature times that day, then it gets skipped. So the best odds of showing up in all search results and email marketing is to include at least some times every day. Reservation Genie encourages restaurants to start out with generous times and limit inventory based on booking volume over time.

Why Diamond Tables is Better than 1000 (POP) point tables
Open Table offers its own off peak hour promotion too with POP tables that target customers with a $10 per reservation incentive in the form of a check that arrives later. The problem with the model for restaurants is that they can’t tell which reservations include the incentive. So they can’t gauge the quality of the customer. This makes it easy for the customer to game the system by sitting at the bar and ordering an appetizer and a drink. Plus customers are save a higher percentage if they spend less. From the customer’s perspective, they have to wait to receive a dining dining check in the mail after accruing a certain balance vs. receiving the incentive in real time.

Why Diamond Tables is Better than Groupon
The Groupon model has is widely noted for sending low quality customers that never return, leave bad reviews, and don’t spend much. Diamond Tables eliminates all of these concerns.

  1. Lower Spending: The nature of receiving a discount on portion of the bill instead of the entire bill incentives customers to spend less. This leads to skimping on orders and avoiding drinks.
  2. The new Groupon model discounts customers based on their credit card so you don’t know which customers are using the system and customers can sign up once and get incentives forever without responding to marketing.
  3. Customers can use the incentive whenever and that leads to displacing a full priced customer during peak hours. This results in lost revenue.

Why Diamond Tables is Better than Restaurant Week
Restaurant Week only happens once or twice a year, depending on who manages it in your city. So it’s limited in how and when it can help your sales. Many restaurant feel like they have to participate just to avoid a total loss during that period. Because you’re forced to deliver at a specific price point, many restaurants have to water down their menu with chicken, pork, or salmon entrees. That or even reducing portion size. This inevitably leads to weak reviews and customers being unimpressed. The end result is unhappy customers, bad reviews, and barely breaking even. Diamond Tables scales perfectly with tools to enable more times when you need them and reduce times when you don’t. It encourages customers to buy the extravagant items which leads to more extravagant reviews. And the fixed price of 25% off the check still delivers 40% i profits when you factor in typical food costs of 35% considering service, kitchen, rents and other costs are fixed costs and don not vary considerably with Diamond Tables bookings.

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