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Who Uses Reservation Genie?

We mostly cater to patrons booking reservations. But we also have offer special tools for concierges and a great affiliate program for food bloggers and online city guides.


We reward customer loyalty.Patrons are encouraged to visit restaurants more frequently with VIP status and perks for loyal customers.

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We value transparency. Affiliates get credit for referrals, and venues can track their marketing campaigns with detailed analytics.

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We treat concierges with respect. Concierges receive perks for their guests, short notice bookings, and rewards with special concierge only accounts.

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Recent Activity

patrons-icon-2 05/22 at 12:29 PM New York City, NY Mimi D. just booked a reservation at Remi in New York, NY and earned 130 points towards becoming VIP
patrons-icon-2 05/22 at 12:19 PM Los Angeles, CA Nanysa S. just booked a reservation at Pips on La Brea in Los Angeles, CA and earned 120 points towards becoming VIP
patrons-icon-2 05/22 at 12:18 PM Austin, TX Bonnie R. just booked a reservation at Austin Duck Adventures in Austin, TX and earned 130 points towards becoming VIP
patrons-icon-2 05/22 at 12:06 PM Greenville, NC Casie C. just booked a reservation at University Chophouse in Greenville, NC and earned 120 points towards becoming VIP
concierges-icon-2 05/22 at 12:05 PM New York City, NY Concierge nitestan just earned $2.00 booking party of 2 at Bobby Van's Park Avenue in New York, NY

Looking for an Online Reservation System?

Other reservation systems seem focused on charging cover fees. We're all about smart tools that encourage customer loyalty, measure your advertising, and grow your referrals.

What Does the Genie Have to Say?

We love the internet and all the smart ways you can use it to generate more business. On the Reservation Genie Blog we share ideas on getting more out of your online marketing.

May 18, 2015 Automated Email Marketing and Restaurant Loyalty Program

Restaurants can increase customer visits per year using Reservation Genie's loyalty tools that merge Automated Email Marketing with a Restaurant Loyalty Program that is based on completing reservations. Why put an Open Table widget on your website when they steer your customers towards your competitors that pay premiums to be featured as 1000 point tables? Reservation Genie will drive them back to your restaurant. ...read more

March 23, 2015 Help Lower Restaurant Menu Prices and End Patron Cover Fees

We recently rolled out our new Search & Filter platform in our primary cities. This is most notable in New York City where restaurants are working together to support a reservation system that doesn't lead to cover fees from patrons regardless of how they book. There you can search for available tables by date, time, and party size as well as filter results by cuisine and neighborhood. ...read more

January 13, 2014 Mobile Restaurant Reservation System Lowers Open Table's Fees...

Our Mobile Optimized Restaurant Reservation System helps lower Open Table fees by reducing friction associated with managing two inventories and enables restaurants to get the best of both worlds. Now every manager can access and manage reservations from their phones as well as block their inventory when they get slammed. Restaurants managing two systems are seeing an average increase of 20% in overall bookings....read more

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