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April 15, 2011

New Reservation Genie Feature: Note System Update

We updated our how our Notes System works today to be more effective as a communication tool with customers. Previously, we had a single note field that was connected to the reservation (customer notes are totally different and not affected by this change). Customers could add a reservation note to the venue when booking a reservation and clients could add a note that went to the customer when adding a reservation to the system manually that came over the phone. This note was sent to both the customer and the venue. Because they shared the same field it got a little confusing to know who was writing the note. Also, some clients had asked for internal notes that the customer did not see. So we added a couple of options and changed the way they’re displayed so that it’s easy to figure out what each note does. Below are the 5 main areas we changed.

  1. You now have an “internal note”. Only the venue can see this, customers will never see it.
  2. We added a “note to guest” on your edit and add reservations screen. This is always sent to the customer.
  3. We changed the note they can add when booking a reservation to be called “note from guest”. You can’t edit this note at all now.
  4. All three notes are included when you mouse over the Notes icon in your Reservations Table and labeled clearly. They are also in the reservation details screen available from the view link.
  5. We also updated the system so that editing any reservation will send an updated reservation notification to the customer if the email field has an address in it. This happens regardless of whether or not they have a Reservation Genie account.

This should help you interact with them using the edit reservation tool more easily. We are also working to add all email addresses entered in Add Reservation screen to your downloadable Patron Email List to help encourage restaurants to get rid of the reservation book and use Reservation Genie to manage all reservations. If you choose to do so, it will help build your email list, promote your VIP program, and communicate with customers.

Screen Shot of Add/Edit Screen

Add Reservation Screen Shot

Screen Shot of Notes Icon Mouse Over

Notes Icon Mouse Over Screen Shot

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